Top quality of appliances

All our appliances are thoroughly tested in a factory, by us and by many satisfied clients. We use the best materials, which means virtually unlimited lifetime.

Favourable prices

All our appliances are available by favourable prices. It means that you get the most for your money. All the time we insist to offer you the best prices of appliances.

Option of buying on hire purchase

We know that today it is difficult to get an acceptable loan, especially in the case of our branch, therefore we consciously made the decision to give the option of buying on hire purchase to our business partners. This option is always agreed individually.

Complete offer

We will not only sell you appliances, but also teach you how to operate them and sell them to your clients in salon. Our firm also performs cosmetic activities, which means that we are very experienced in this field aswell.

Guaranteed success

Success is guaranteed for the purchase of appliances as well as performing their services. This can be stated not only by us, but also confirmed by our numerous users and customers, some of which have already used our high quality appliances for several years.

Guarantee for satisfaction

We are experienced player on the market, that's why we ensure only the best offer of services. However, the most important is a fact, that we will not just sell you the appliance, but also teach you how to sell its services to your clients. So, your success is guaranteed!

ART-PE is a firm that started business in the hairstyling and cosmetics industry in 2003. In recent years we have specialized in selling IPL lasers, which has been proven through many years of use, as the only, and most effective systems for the permanent removal of hair, and treatment of many issues on and with the skin.

Generally, IPL lasers are cosmetic or medical appliances, which enable intensive and selective treatment with light, whose wave-lengths vary between 400 nm and 1200 nm. Our IPL laser appliances were maximally upgraded in terms of safety. To ensure the highest possible security for its users, we produced a cooling system which uses not only air and a special crystal placed on the applicator, but also water which provides an effective water cooling system. The latter ensures very low temperatures on the surface of the applicator, even during the full operation of the appliance. Therefore our IPL lasers aren’t dangerous for making burns, and the treatment procedures cause almost no pain. This cooling system isn’t placed only on the inside of the appliance, but is also connected with the applicator itself.

The next improvement was made through the combination of IPL energy with radiofrequency (RF) energy. This enables the extinction of light, grey and red hair, which isn’t possible with regular IPL lasers. These combined appliances are called eLite IPL+RF lasers. With the use of powerful IPL energy, bipolar RF and effective cooling we are the winners of successfully and safely performed treatments!

We perform training for safe work and efficient use of all of our appliances. The training is very practically oriented. When purchasing one of our devices, you also obtain detailed instructions on how to use the device and how to perform the treatments themselves.

About us

ART-PE is a firm, which started business in hairstyling and cosmetic industry in 2003. In recent years we specialised for selling so called IPL lasers, which were proved through many years of use as the only and most effective systems for permanent removing of hair and treatment of many other troubles on a skin and with a skin.

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