CAVI SONIC ULTRA SLIM is the most advanced appliance for non-invasive removal of inveterate adipose tissue and cellulite, skin strengthening and wrinkle removal. The package contains 6 different applicators – 2 for cavitation; 2 for bipolar radiofrequency (RF) for face and body; 2 for tripolar RF for face and body.

  • cavitation 35 kHz to 47 kHz – focus cavitation
  • cavitation 35 kHz to 47 kHz – flat cavitation
  • bipolar RF for face
  • tripolar RF for face
  • bipolar RF for body
  • tripolar RF for body
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System for body shaping and removal of adipoze tissue and cellulite CAVI SONIC ULTRA SLIM is the most complete system of this kind, because it combines various methods and technologies.

It is the only existing appliance with adjustable cavitation frequency from 35 kHz to 47 kHz. Beside this advantage it features applicators for flat and focus cavitation. One is used for thicker layer of fatty deposits and operates thoroughly, while another is used for thinner layer of fatty deposits and operates shallowly.

Power of cavitation is to 5 W/cm2, what means one of the most powerful cavitations on a market.
Beside cavitational applicators appliance features also four other applicators.

Two of them  – with bipolar and tripolar radiofrequency – are used for body, while two of them – also with bipolar and tripolar radiofrequency – are used for face. Radiofrequency is adjustable – 1, 3 or 6 MHz; power is 35 W and energy 280 J.

Appliance has a big 7″ LCD touch screen – it enables simple and clear adjustment of treatments. Appliance is also equipped with a timer – for setting time of treatment.

Only one appliance has so fantastic characteristics and consequently results – CAVI SONIC ULTRA SLIM.
Check operation of our appliance. Watch a short demonstration movie: CAVI SONIC ULTRA SLIM – test with an egg (wait a few seconds to download).

Here you can check photos representing the course of test events:

Structure of egg is very similar to structure of human body.


BIOCAVITATION 2F generates a stable cavitational wave for removing “panniculous adiposis”; in this moment it’s the most advanced instrument for removing panniculous adiposis and cellulite; it presents the most improved technological step in development of high-tech appliances for use in this market segment. Due to sophisticated control mechanism which controls reflexive operation of parameters (spreading pressure-sound speed, temperature and deflection from a point of highest efficiency) it is technologically the best choice for stimulation of dissolving of adipose cells.

A basic principle of BIOCAVITATION 2F is well known physical phenomenon of cavitation. Ultrasound wave (as every sound wave) consists of expansion and compression cycles. Compression cycles influence fluid with a positive pressure, which brings molecules nearer, while expansion cycles influence fluid with a negative pressure, which makes molecules go away. During expansion cycle ultrasound wave of adequate intensity creates micro cavitation. In biological fluid are attracting forces which determine cohesiveness of molecules. For causing cavitational effect is needed operation of high negative pressure during expansion cycle of ultrasound wave to achieve impact on existing cohesiveness of molecules.

In tissue with low density as adipose tissue a cohesiveness of molecules is limited to presence of intercellular spaces. This means that cavitational effect occurs at relatively low negative pressure. When tissue is exposed to negative pressure of expansion cycle of ultrasound wave, in fluids is formed negative pressure, which creates many gas bubbles which continuously grow, until decompression (or expansion) phase is finished. Then occurs implosion, which causes emission of collision wave. Cavitation brings stable results, if its emission frequency is constantly controlled, what decreases eventual undesired thermal effects.

Final effect is intensive cellular fragmentation, which spreads a matrix of adipose fluid (fatty acids) in intercellular spaces, where it comes into contact with intercellular fluids. Infiltration fluid forms a stable emulsion. In a case of lower density of tissues cavitational effect frequently occurs in a very intensive way, until free radicals are formed and denaturization of lypoprotein component of adipose membrane takes place.

The latter biological effects trigger a lypolite effect, which continues also after cavitation treatment. Then it is useful to perform body shaping and lymphatic drainage. This is operated with vacuum endodermal massage of treated area with Derma vacuum and multipolar radiofrequency (RF), which remove fluid, and oil particles which remain from dissolved adipose cells.

II. Multipolar RF

Technology of multipolar RF (bipolar and tripolar RF) enables use of new scientific findings regarding cellulite removal, body shaping, preventing ageing and skin strengthening. It includes use of electromagnetic (non-ionizing) wave, which affects body in a way that normalizes decelerated physiological processes. Those waves deeply penetrate skin with heat and energy, what creates endothermal effect, which positively influences lymphatic and circulatory system as well as structures connected with adipose tissues.

Effects on body:
* decreases stagnating of lymphatic and circulatory system
* impoves secretion
* enhances metabolism of fat
* stimulates fibroblasts, what enables efficient skin strengthening
* improves tone

Effects on face:
* stretches skin
* fills up and smooths wrinkles
* widens blood vessels
* corrects and builds
* strengthens
* enhances microcirculation
* raises level of received oxygen and cell nourishment

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