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Diode laser M808

Diode laser M808 is the newest type of a top quality professional equipment for hair removal. Diode laser M808 ART-PE provides excellent results for permanent hair removal, causes no burns or tissue damage.

  • extremely fast treatments
  • outstanding performance
  • useful for all skin types
  • for all types of hair
  • without any side-effects
  • super fast SHR method
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Description Technical parameters

Diode laser M808 for permanent hair removal from the company ART-PE is developed according to the latest standards for manufacturing this kind of special devices. It provides maximum security for carrying out treatments, the skin is not damaged and there’s no adverse side effects. Diode laser M808 ART-PE represents the so called golden age for permanent hair removal.

diodni laser M808

Diode laser M808 ART-PE is a device that combines superior technology and maximum comfort and safety for both the operator and the customer. It can perform permanent hair removal in two ways. It offers the possibility of fast action where the “flash” works at a frequency of 0.5 Hz to 10 Hz, or the normal action.

SHR – fast performance
With this method, which is called SHR (Super Hair Removal Mode), the skin is heated to only 42°C over the same area over which we go 10 to 15 times. The main advantage here is the convenience, because we do not feel any special heat and the energy is collected, so the results of hair removal treatment are even better. Complications with the hair removal treatment are almost none, so we can say that there are no adverse side effects. SHR method is currently the best method in the world for permanent hair removal.

HR – normal performance
In normal mode the Diode laser M808 works just like the more familiar IPL laser machine. Flash after flash moving through tissue and thus destroying the roots of the hair. In this mode, the heat is higher than 60°C. It is because of the safety that the Diode laser M808 from the ART-PE has a built-in a special water-cooled compressor which provides about 4°C on skin contact with an applicator. By doing this, it is not causing burns and the treatment is more pleasant.


For more advantages of the Diod laser M808 ART-PE take a look at this introduction.

The composition of the applicator:

diodni laser M808 ART-PE ročnik

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About us

ART-PE is a firm, which started business in hairstyling and cosmetic industry in 2003. In recent years we specialised for selling so called IPL lasers, which were proved through many years of use as the only and most effective systems for permanent removing of hair and treatment of many other troubles on a skin and with a skin.

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