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DL-1200 Pro *Lymphatic drainage*

System DL-1200 Pro is a top solution for lymphatic drainage. It features 12 ventricles and 8 programs. This is a professional appliance for lymphatic drainage available for a very acceptable price. Let a lymphatic drainage become important treatment also in your beauty salon!

  • 12-ventricle system
  • 8 different treatment programs
  • Three types of compression clothes
  • Processor and sensor operated pressure
  • Outstanding quality
  • The lowest price
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System DL-1200 Pro is a top solution for lymphatic drainage. It features 12 ventricles and 8 programs. This is a professional appliance available for a very acceptable price.

It has 8 different compression modes (A ~ H mode). User can set a suitable compression mode in accordance with a condition of treated parts.
Pressure in a cuff of each of 12 chambers is operated separately with a special air sensor, irrespective of arm or leg dimension. In a cuff of each chamber is possible to set adequate pressure (20 ~ 200 mmHg) or choose 0 mmHg (avoid pressure), with regard to condition of client’s arm or leg.

Lymphatic system has to remove stagnating fluids and other substances from a body. This matter consists of proteins, big adipose cells and other substances unable to move through blood vessels.
Swellings in most cases imply interrupted lymphatic flow. If this happens, a quality lymphatic drainage is needed to stimulate lymphatic flow.
Namely, blood has its own pump – a heart, while water as a major component of our body doesn’t have its natural drive, and therefore lymphatic drainage is recommended also to absolutely healthy people.
Lymphatic drainage is very efficient way of healing many diseases and treating many inconvenient body conditions.

In a field of cosmetic lymphatic drainage is the most known and efficient in removal cellulite. It can be performed as autonomous treatment or combined with other technologies, what gives even better results.

Beside performing drainage this kind of treatment also has a positive impact on immune and nervous system.
Lymphatic drainage is an excellent detox – it enables detoxification of body.

We can say, that lymphatic drainage is a procedure which supports lymphatic vessels during a process of removing their burden from a body.
Lymphatic drainage is also very important factor after cavitation. Only in this way we can achieve a quality secretion of waste and toxic parts of shattered adipose cells from a body and consequently avoid damage of liver and kidneys.



• acute edema (postoperative, postburn)
• chronic venous edema venoznega
• venous stasis due to chronic venous insufficiency
• cellulite
• deep venous trombosis (DVT)
• inguinal lymphatic angiectomy
• lymphatic edema
• post-paralysis condition (after infarction, after injury of spinal cord)
• post-mastectomy
• post-traumatic syndrome (after plaster removal, after fracture, after arm amputation)
• need for prevention venous trombosis
• rheumatoid edema
• sciatica
• injury of spinal cord
• sprains
• varicosis
• vein sclerosis

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