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eBeauty DBT11

eBeauty DBT11 is completely new appliance, which combines all the most important functions – technologies which are needed for a complete offer in your clinic or salon. It’s technologically the most advanced appliance, it has acceptable price and top quality. It assures great results by all treatments.

  • IPL laser
  • eLite IPL+RF laser
  • Monopolar radiofrequency for body shaping – removing fat
  • Bipolar radiofrequency for lifting and smoothing wrinkles
  • Multipolar radiofrequency for lifting and smoothing wrinkles
  • Cavitation 1 MHz for face and body
  • Cavitation 40 kHz for body
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Beauty DBT11 is completely new appliance, which combines all the most important functions needed for a complete offer in your clinic or salon. It’s technologically the most advanced appliance, it has acceptable price and top quality. It assures great results by all treatments. We can prove this!

It’s a combination of tested technologies used in many salons in Slovenia and Croatia, because in recent years our appliances proved that deserve trust, clients and justify money investment.
Probably you wonder, what are its components that it gets so many compliments.

Functions and technologies:
•    IPL laser
•    eLite IPL+RF laser
•    RF (radiofrequency)
–  Monopolar RF for body shaping – removing fat
–  Bipolar RF for lifting and smoothing wrinkles
–  Multipolar RF lifting and smoothing wrinkles
•    Cavitation 1 MHz – non-invasive cavitation, which can be used also on face
•    Cavitation 40 kHz – cavitation for body

We will not only sell appliance. It’s true that you will not need us for maintenance, but we will help you with training and advices for use.


IPL laser:

IPL lasers are appliances which operate in a spectrum of wave-lengths between 400 nm and 1200 nm. It is successful by treatments of rejuvenation, face lifting, permanent hair removal – epilation, removing veins, acnes, herpes, etc.

IPL laser is non-invasive appliance which positively affects tissues. Treatments stimulate faster growth of  collagen, which is a major connective tissue in skin. It creates a beautiful complexion of skin, removes wrinkles, heals acnes, removes spots and other pigmentations, heals rosacea, but most frequently is used for removing hair. IPL laser provides very successful permanent removal of hair from all parts of body. It’s indispensable part of cosmetic and beauty surgery.

eLite IPL+RF
eLite IPL+RF laser operates very similar to IPL laser. The main difference is that IPL energy is simultaneously »assisted« by energy of radiofrequence (RF). It is also said that IPL and RF operate in a synergy. IPL energy and RF energy simultaneously affect tissue and together with outstanding cooling of applicator surface are provided excellent results. RF energy ensures that energy of IPL laser can be lower, but at the same time both energies can be higher due to efficient cooling of skin. Consequently treatments give much better results, and safety is on the highest possible level.

Radiofrequency – RF
By physical definition radiofrequency (RF) means electrical and magnetic wave, which transfers RF electric current. This is electrical and magnetic wave of high frequency alternating current (AC). AC oscillating with less than 1,000 times per second is low frequency electric current, while AC oscillating with more than 10,000 times per second is high frequency electrc current. RF is therefore high frequency electric current. By medicine definition RF is high frequency electric current with a frequency range from 0.5 MHz to 8 MHz. It’s widely used in wireless communications and irreplaceable. For example, RF thermal technology transforms high frequency electric current into thermal energy which can be used in a field of aesthetic therapy.

And what is a principle of operation of a bipolar RF appliance for thermal therapy?
With regard to different resistence of skin use of suitable RF transmitter creates a suitable electric energy which is transformed into thermal energy. The latter penetrates through cooled epidermis deeply into dermis, increases temperature, stimulates blood circulation in dermis and subcutaneous tissues, immediately stretches warmed fiber tissues, stimulates long-term regeneration of collagen, triggers effect of skin stretching and wrinkle removing. Treatments are efficient for all skin colours, after treatment no scar remains on skin, disappear also spots.

DPT11 provides the longest curative effect, and at the same time treatment lasts for the shortest time and is performed in the safest way. Anaesthesia isn’t required, after treatment don’t remain red swelling. You can normally continue your everyday life. Every treatment shows different effects, which last a long period of time, even 3 to 6 months. Visible improvement can be shown in 6 months after beginning of treatment sessions. Official medicine approved use of appliance for RF thermal therapy as non-invasive and nonoperative therapeutic method for wrinkle removing and skin stretching, which takes the least time and has the longest curative effect.

This technique has been known for a long time. It was used especially in medicine – surgery, and is based on a principle of skin tissue resistance against RF wave. Consequently, skin and subcutaneous tissues get warmed, what in a case of low energies causes transformation of collagen fibres on the one side, but on the other side it triggers stimulation of fibroblasts, and building of new collagen fibres and intercellular matter. It is reflected in more vigorous and stretched skin.
Monopolar radiofrequency is primarily used for treatment of withered and floppy skin on face, neck and decolletage, rarely on belly and upper arms. Side effects are mild – feeling of heat and slightly red skin after treatment. They disappear in few minutes, if a suitable care is applied.

Cavitation 1 MHz
Supersonic wave increases temperature of adipose tissues, which decompose, burn out and in this way excrete from body. This means that supersonic wave can be used for removing adipose tissues from fatty parts of a body.
Use of vacuum cavitation and supersonic cavitation 1 MHz is a perfect combination for melting and dissolving fat, detoxication and body shaping, skin stretching and massage of fatty parts in various depths. It dissolves subcutaneous fat, decreases cellulite coating, accelerates lymphatic circulation and excretes dissolved fatty acids and toxins through lymphatic system. It has immediate effect on body shaping.
1. Apply herbal oil on skin; quantity should be adjusted to flexibility of movement of vacuum and supersonic head.2. Choose operational mode of supersonic cavitation, energy density and duration of treatment (20 minutes for every body part).3. Cosmetician should slowly move supersonic head on skin; moves should be close together and performed evenly; vacuum suction should be regulated according to client’s persistency (if vacuum function is enabled). During moving a head should repeat zigzag moves, which efficiently dissolve fat, stimulate secretion of toxins, etc.

Cavitation 40 kHz
Supersonic head Ф 50 mmSupersonic appliance for slimming is based on a theory of cavitation. It uses ultrasound 40 kHz for creating intensive vibration, which causes internal explosion in adipose tissues and eliminates lypocites.Iz efficiently dissolves inveterate and deep fat, decreases quantity and size of lypocites. Diathermal and vacuum applying accelerates flow of lypocites and tissues what stimulates elimination of fatty acid and toxins through lymphatic system. Vacuum function stimulates melting of lypocites and adipose tissues, accelerates secretion of toxins, enhances effect of fat removal, body shaping, skin stretching, and improves flexibility of muscles.
Cosmetician should slowly move supersonic head on skin. During moving a head should repeat circular or zigzag moves, while with the other hand push a fat towards supersonic head. It’s suitable to perform moves in a direction of lymphatic system. Cavitation head M80 (40 kHz) is used for removing abundant fat (on belly, waist and buttocks), while cavitation head M50 (50 kHz) is used on parts with less fat.
Appliance isn’t suitable for treatment of back and bone areas. During treatment of woman belly avoid uterine area. Treatment should be avoided also in a period of menstruation.
It’s important that enough gel is applied, otherwise pain could arise during treatment.

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ART-PE is a firm, which started business in hairstyling and cosmetic industry in 2003. In recent years we specialised for selling so called IPL lasers, which were proved through many years of use as the only and most effective systems for permanent removing of hair and treatment of many other troubles on a skin and with a skin.

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