IPL laser Carmen X1 is a professional IPL laser appliance, which brings excellent results at all treatments. It’s the smallest appliance in our offer. It’s equipped with 4 different applicators for all IPL laser treatments.

  • Durable sapphire filter
  • Operating through a big touch screen
  • Simple operating
  • Water cooling of applicator
  • Warning regarding to low level, temperature and flow of water
  • Saving energy due to option of disconnection
  • Patented model
  • 4 sapphire filters for various types of skin
  • Elegant look, competitive price and guaranteed service
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IPL laser CARMEN X1 is the smallest model of our IPL laser appliances. Like a bigger one also IPL CARMEN X1 has water cooling. It’s intended for use in smaller salons, where IPL laser appliance doesn’t operate the whole day, because condensers as well as cooling system need a certain time to get balanced and prepared for further operation.

Some cosmeticians claim that smaller IPL lasers offer all features for the highest quality of treatment, but technologically this isn’t possible. There is a rule: the more weighs an appliance, the more powerful is and the better is its cooling system.

Carmen X1 GreenLine                                       Carmen X1 BlueLine                                                        Demonstration of cooling on applicator

Operation of appliance

IPL laser CARMEN X1 emits a wide range of intensive pulsating light through a small, ergonomical applicator. Sharp light with a specially wide spectrum penetrates skin and gets absorbed by blood vessels and chromoplast without damaging skin. Blood vessels harden, chromoplast and pigment cells are dissolved. Consequently, skin dots and pigment dots disappear.
Due to photothermical and photochemical effect collagen and supple fibres become elastic again, blood circulation is enhanced, what leads to decrease of skin folds and pores.

1. Permanent removal of disturbing hair;
2. Smoothing of small wrinkles;
3. Shrinking and narrowing of pores;
4. Acne removal;
5. Removal of sun freckles and face spots;
6. Removal of face vascular lesions;
7. Skin rejuvenation.


You have to know, that we will not only sell you appliance and then forget you. Standard package always contains everything what you need for work:
1. Appliance – main unit
2. All listed applicators
3. Instructions for use
4. Physician’s instructions for performing individual treatments
5. 24-hour e-mail support
6. Training

According to your wishes we can make you a promotion, ensure designing and printing leaflets by the lowest prices and offer marketing advices. We are specialised for IPL lasers, eLite and eBeauty appliances, but our offer includes also all other equipment for cosmetic salons and surgeries. For further information visit our website www.art-kozmetika.com.

We equipped some salons, our appliances are used in Slovenia and partly in Croatia. We also have our own salon where we tested our appliances and got many experiences. This enables us to give you useful advices.

IPL Carmen X1 1080

Demonstration of cooling on applicator

About us

ART-PE is a firm, which started business in hairstyling and cosmetic industry in 2003. In recent years we specialised for selling so called IPL lasers, which were proved through many years of use as the only and most effective systems for permanent removing of hair and treatment of many other troubles on a skin and with a skin.

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