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ShapeART – Shape with ART

ShapeART is the most advanced system for body shaping, cellulite removal and lifting on the market. It is appreciated due to topmost touch screen operation system and simultaneous use of four technologies: bipolar radiofrequency (RF), vacuum, infrared laser (IR laser) and mechanical massage with rollers – lypomassage.

  • body shaping
  • cellulite removal
  • reducing waist size
  • skin stretching
  • wrinkle removal
  • massage
  • special treatment of skin around eyes
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ShapeART is the most advanced system for body shaping, skin stretching, wrinkle removal and especially cellulite removal.

ShapeART has four applicators, each one of them made for specific body parts and completely adjusted for the task and body part.

ShapeART appliance uses four technologies, which are known as the most successful, established and tested technologies that have been used in cosmetic industry and medicine for many years. We are the first who achieved simultaneous use of these technologies. This is a reason that ShapeART system is the most advanced system, and at the same time it provides the best treatment results. Bipolar radiofrequency, infrared laser, vacuum and mechanical massage are technologies used simultaneously in a single treatment. Let’s start with their presentation!

Radiofrequency is energy created during the transfer of electric current through tissue. Druring this, a special warm energy is being released, which causes the skin to warm-up and consequently causes the activation of kolagen fibers, elastan fibers and the restoration of the other komponents of the dermis. The reinforced fibers stretch the skin, lowers the ammount of wrinkles, removes orange skin and therefore helps with a better-looking and firmer look of the skin.

In the past bipolar radiofrequency produced outstanding results in the cosmetic industry and medicine, but especially in the field of beauty surgeries. It is a very successful method harmless, and completely non-invasive method for performing beauty treatments. It enables very effective stimulation of collagen, enhances microcirculation in tissue, lypolisis is being performed – removal of fats and cellulite.

Radiofrequency is used as an autonomous technology for:
• lifting
• preventing aging
• skin restructuring
• reducing appearance of “orange skin” – cellulite
• slimming.

Usual treatment areas include:
• face
• neck
• arms
• stomach
• thighs
• buttocks

Infrared laser 940 nm (near infrared diod laser)
It is prooven that infrared lights are very healthy. Simultaneously it is also natural light, and in a certain way, a natural source of energy. Heating reduces skin abnormalities, stimulates growth of a major connective tissue in the skin – collagen, stimulates skin cells and encourages natural vitalization. The wave-length of 940 nm has the excellent ability of deeper penetration of the tissue and a more even dispersion of heat in the tissue. Treatment partly removes capillaries and areas of red skin, which substantially improves the appearance of the skin.

Vacuum massage were first mentioned in the first known document about cosmetics titled “Papyrus Ebers” in 1550 B.C.
Vacuum provides local microcirculation, which returns substances and oxygen to the skin. This way it enables the skin to return to the state it was before the forming of celulite. This improves skin appearance and enhances skin elasticity.
Because we move the applicator in certain directions, this also allows the lymphatic system to remove impurities from the tissue. Vacuum therefore creates negative pressure, which widens capillaries in subcutaneous tissue and enhances blood circulation in a treated part of the body, which very successfully decreases waist size and cellulite.

– excellent treatment for decreasing cellulite, stretching withered, loose skin (diet, pregnancy, etc.)
– real anti-aging therapy
– skin becomes more resistant, more flexible, more elastic
– removes stagnating fluids, improves functioning of tissues, stimulates production of blood cells, enhances immunity
– stimulates local blood circulation and lymphatic flow from deeper tissues
– enhances metabolism in the whole body
– improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow
– decreases edemas, enhances respiration and absorption
– accelerates secretion of sweat and tallow
– improves ability of contracting muscles, increases muscle tone
– enables deep relaxation of the whole body
– decreases chronic pains – raises pain threshold
– contributes to more quality sleeping
– outstanding help in the case of joint illness
– relieves respiration illness – bronchitis, asthma – stimulates secretion of phlegm
– relieves migraines and headaches

Mechanical massage with rollers
Mechanical massage with rollers creates a skin fold, and at the same time it kneads tissue. It stimulates mechanically secretion of stagnating intercellular fluid through a lymphatic system, which decreases cellulite.

The touch screen looks like this. All functions are pre-programmed, the appliance also shows the body areas and directions of movement with the applicator.


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5 treatments                                        12 treatments

Result after 12 treatments and 5 months

Here you can see a (Slovenian) presentation leaflet for ShapeART: flyer ShapeART pdf


1. What is ShapeART?

ShapeART is a body reshaping device. It contains four different types of technology: biopolar RF, infrared laser (940nm), vakuum and the mechanical treatment of tissue.

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ART-PE is a firm, which started business in hairstyling and cosmetic industry in 2003. In recent years we specialised for selling so called IPL lasers, which were proved through many years of use as the only and most effective systems for permanent removing of hair and treatment of many other troubles on a skin and with a skin.

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